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Pronounced :: Boo-toon


Translation :: whole

Our philosophy is that in order to embrace this life, we must achieve balance within our whole selves, mind and body. Whether you’re hitting the gym as the sun comes up or waiting in the drop off line at the elementary school, or practicing self care at home you can now have a little more support in your day. Butun’s body care collections to help you perform, cleanse, and restore.

1 World ::

Nature meets Science

Recycled Packaging

Cruelty Free


2 Methods ::

functional :: fragrance

Our three collections embody a signature fragrance, strategically combined notes to enhance mindfulness. In addition, the products within each collection target a purpose and are thoughtfully formulated to improve the function of body care.

holistic :: hygiene

Power products that effectively protect your wellbeing. Butun’s functional approach to better body care is a customized blend of natural antibacterial oils;  plant-based ingredients and naturally derived molecules to optimize performance.

3 Collections ::

Simple rituals supporting three life paths ::

perform ::

The two supercharged products in the perform collection are formulated at an FDA approved factory with uplifting essential oils and active sanitizing ingredients. Infused with the energizing scent of SUN-TZU fragrance, these highly functional body care products are specifically designed for on the go application.

cleanse ::

The cleanse collection removes impurities while replenishing moisture to the skin.The two highly effective rejuvenating products are infused with RHASSOUL fragrance to transform your mindset and provide a clean slate. 

restore ::

The three body care products in the restore collection are a complete indulgence of luxurious healing for the mind, body, and soul. Lightly scented with the warm aromatics in the HAMMAM fragrance to melt away stress and tension. 

Two women with very different lives, but equally hectic, came together to create a line of products inspired by their “New Normal” lifestyles. Longing to rejoin our communities, we wanted something functional, yet luxurious that allowed us to embrace our environment with peace of mind. When it was time to get back, we became even more aware of how often we switch gears and places throughout the day. Therefore, we strategically created each product to provide support along your chosen path.