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perform :: SUN-TZU Holistic Hygiene Active Body Lotion

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Discover the power of holistic self-care with Holistic Hygiene Active Body Lotion. Elevate your fitness routine with this luxurious lotion that not only keeps your skin perfectly hydrated but also provides a matte dry-down effect that acts as a non-slip barrier when applied before using yoga mats or fitness machines. Our unique formula contains a blend of natural antibacterial oils and ingredients, boosting freshness during active performance, making it your go-to companion for intense workouts or busy days on the go.

Infused with our SUN-TZU scent, combines the awakening notes of coffee bean, invigorating orange flower, and soothing French lavender to create an energizing experience for your mind and body. Embrace the power of holistic body care and embrace a confident, comfortable, active you! For optimal results, pair with our bütün Sanitizing Essence Spray.

Natural Origin Fragrance

Upcycled Ingredients

Essential Oils

Highly Biodegradable Fragrance

Made with Ingredients from Green Chemistry


Top ::
Lemon, Grapefruit, Coconut Milk

Middle ::
French Lavender, Vanilla Orchid, Orange Flower

Base ::
Tonka, Coffee Bean, Brown Sugar

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